Sunday, February 19, 2006

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (1986) – The Smiths

Reveling in the good fortune of sharing a drive with the object of his affection, Morrissey finds an opportunity to escape his world of insecurity. He dreads the alienation in his own life and craves the validation he receives in living vicariously. Andy Rourke’s peripatetic bassline meanders throughout the aimless drive past string flourishes and echoes of flute-like synth. In his apathy toward life, Morrissey declares his fatalistic devotion, romanticizing the honor of perishing together in a gory accident. However, epitomizing social ineptness, he squanders an opportune moment when his courage momentarily swells: A confession of love and solicitation of reciprocity, perhaps? An offer of a tawdry encounter? A double suicide proposal? Given his near faux pas, Morrissey must remain content to believe in the light that never goes out: the hope of a brighter future, the will to live, the desire to love—even when he sees nothing but a bleak existence to return home to.

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