Thursday, February 16, 2006

Forward To Death (1980) – Dead Kennedys

Sometimes the world sucks and one wishes to opt out of society. And sometimes one needs to indulge nihilistic bitterness and vent antagonistic vitriol in a psychological enema in order to avoid erupting in a violent paroxysm. For those times, “Forward To Death” fits the bill just fine. Jello Biafra expectorates in his signature quavering mosquito buzz that is as grating as it is confrontational. With such unmitigated sentiment as, “I don’t need your fucking world/This world brings me down / Gag with every breath . . . I’m looking forward to death,” there’s no buffer between thought and expression, no euphemisms to mollify the invective, no sugar-coating the bile. He just vomits it out, wipes his mouth on his t-shirt, and leaves the mess for someone else to come along and slip in. Sometimes, such loutishness is the best policy.

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