Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hot In Herre (2002) – Nelly

Keyboards puckishly escort the listener into Mephistopheles’ den of unadulterated debauchery, shameless depravity and downright lewdness. “Hot In Herre” is a reflection of present-day decadence sporting an infectious groove that’s near impossible to resist. Drums, guitar and keyboard offset each other on alternating beats, interlacing into a solid foundation which induces the head bobs; syncopated cowbell and programmed hi-hats spark the foot-taps; Nelly’s rhythmic hollering spurs the shimmy. Sure, it’s easy to decry the distinguished literary gems he spews out about bodacious ass, the oh, so subtle invitation to strip, or the eminently eloquent thrust grunts. Harder to resist, though, is sitting still while voicing such condemnation.

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