Saturday, February 18, 2006

Darjeeling (1994) - Rodan

Appearing on the best 7” ever released (Simple Machines’ Inclined Plane), Rodan’s “Darjeeling” rounded out the all-star lineup of Tsunami (covering Flower’s “Beauty pt. II”), Superchunk (“Baxter”), and Unrest (“Winona Ryder”). Each of these songs arguably ranks near the top of each band’s oeuvre. Rodan’s contribution, with its erratic stop-start sequence, is quintessential math-rock—albeit incorporating principles of basic arithmetic, not calculus—calling the listener up to the blackboard to tally along with the ride cymbal in anticipation of each outburst as the band races out of the gates. Dual sizzling guitars, a growling bass, and walloping drums lurch, lunge and gallop in unison, easing into a lope through the countryside for a graze in the meadow, resuming into a sprint that briefly reprises the opening gait before plunging off a cliff in delirium.

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