Sunday, February 12, 2006

Storm The Legion (2001) - !!! (chk chk chk)

It’s not often that a groove-oriented song is anti-drug. Set to a Gang of Four-esque neo-disco beat, throbbing bass, percussive guitars, and occasional horns, “Storm The Legion” finds a recreational drug user taking an honest look at a vacuous and self-destructive past, confronting the reasons for getting high and the consequences of chemical dependency: the enlightenment justification; the effects on his friends who have crossed the line from use into abuse, who glorify the past because they have no future; questioning whether the joke wasn’t on him, given the brain damage he sustained.

Vocalist Nic Offer understands the allure of it all, but also recognizes the aftermath. In its nervous agitation, “Storm The Legion” seeks to assail the mindset of the multitude that stumble through the fog machine haze, although they may be too zonked to mind the affront.

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