Sunday, February 19, 2006

No One Needs To Know (1995) – Shania Twain

It’s generally considered bad form to confess a penchant for Shania Twain’s music. While Twain’s voice may be off-putting to some, more tolerant listeners may find something worthwhile in her catalog. To be fair to her detractors, Twain’s songs tend to be superficial exercises in the banal and the trivial (“That Don’t Impress Me Much,” “Man, I Feel Like A Woman,” “Party For Two”). However, there are times when her attempts at country music succeed, stumbling across substance in such superficiality. In “No One Needs To Know,” with country twang and boot-scoot in tow, Shania plays coy about a romantic endeavor, envisioning life with her future husband. She has everything planned to a T: the details of her wedding, the children they’ll have, the name of their dog. Awww, how sweet. The problem is . . . they don’t even have a relationship yet. For now, she has no intention of letting anyone know how she feels about him, so she can indulge her fantasies without running the risk of ruining them. In that regard, despite its happy-go-lucky do-si-do, “No One Needs To Know” betrays her own doubts about the prospects for her future happiness and the possibility that she’ll only live out this charmed life in her dreams, which is why she is reluctant to set reality in motion. Hence, we can only imagine that reality will utterly disappoint her when the fella turns out to be a moonshinin’, two-timin’, no good son-of-a-gun.

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