Thursday, February 16, 2006

Broken Witch (2004) – Liars

A bell clanks in the darkness. Robed and hooded villagers gather around a bonfire for the Invocation. Meanwhile, with each electronic blip, Puritans approach the village with torches raised, intent on burning it down. As a dissonant guitar brays, the Necromancer begins a ritualistic chant, conjuring the spirits of Shapeshifters to inhabit the bodies of the villagers so that they may repel the advancing invaders. Amid off-kilter clicks and clatter that sound like 8-bit resolution drums recorded in a small hut, the incantation crescendos. The conventicle entreats the Soothsayer to foretell of victory. In the shadows cast by the flickering flames, their possessed bodies transmogrify into various incarnations: bears, horses, wolves, birds of prey. The litany rises to the foreboding sky: “We are the army you see through the red haze of BLOOD! Screams erupt across the moonlit fields, now awash in crimson. The White Witch stands amidst the sanguineous carnage, exhorting the beasts to decimate those who dared to encroach upon her village.

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