Sunday, February 19, 2006

See You In September (1959) – The Tempos (Sherman Edwards & Donald Meyer/Sid Wayne)

Recorded in the days before year-round schooling threatened the viability of teenage summer flings, “See You In September” could have been performed around a beach bonfire on the first weekend of summer vacation. The arrangement is resourceful: drums and bongos rumba and a double bass ambles in the left channel where barely audible trills of piano periodically appear; in the right channel a guitar pick rakes out percussive notes that resemble organ staccatos. Borderline operatic voices belt out an apprehensive melody portraying the insecurity of a high-school romance that will be tested by physical separation. One can imagine, though, that the relationship is doomed, and new names will adorn the declarations of devotion on their respective Pee-Chees this fall.

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