Saturday, February 11, 2006

Figure Eight (1973) – Blossom Dearie (Bob Dorough)

This Bob Dorough-penned song from the 1970s educational series Schoolhouse Rock: Multiplication Rock recounts the multiplication table as it pertains to the number eight. While it may seem silly to sing the praises of a song that is based on such an elementary concept, “Figure Eight” exceeds any expectations one might have. The most achingly melancholic notes cascade from an electric piano, nylon string guitar and cello, as if floating in space. Blossom Dearie’s frail voice suits the pensive mood. In the break, Dearie recites the multiples of eight from one through twelve to a playful jingle reminiscent of a ‘70s diaper commercial. The number closes with Dearie making the strangely poignant observation that a figure eight placed on its side is the symbol for infinity, as a vibraphone disappears into incalculable vastness.

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