Saturday, January 28, 2006

Weightlifting (2004) - Trashcan Sinatras

With a tranquil beauty reflected in both its lyrics and music, “Weightlifting” is a tastefully understated ode to recreational vehicular transit, the rediscovery of a pasttime neglected. The bass guitar locks in tandem with the kick drum to establish a leisurely pace of travel, as half notes are casually tossed from the guitar on alternating downbeats and left to linger. Displaying artistry in vocal interpretation, Francis Reader inserts a pause while referring to “the rushed . . . hours / the endless lives,” as if to mock the demands that crammed schedules impose upon a hectic life. Reader extols the therapeutic virtues of driving as a diversion, as it relieves the burdens which weigh upon the soul. Background falsetto “la la la la las waft gorgeously in the ambiance, and chiming guitars interlace, as the spirit is renewed.

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