Saturday, January 21, 2006

Magic (1980) – Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John’s silky smooth voice remains one of the purest in the history of pop music, suffused with a delicate charm that triggers synaptic euphoria. As such, “Magic” is apt to conjure mental snapshots imprinted years ago, perhaps of sauntering the mall as if in Xanadu, stopping to grab an Orange Julius and a slice of Perry’s Pizza before placing quarters across the top of the Dragon’s Lair console, maybe roller skating later at the rink with an ice cold Tab in hand. This soundtrack for carefree summer days exploits some of the most lethal chord changes ever committed to tape, perplexing in their cunning asymmetry amid a slithering hi-hat, a bass line that slinks around the root note, and a guitar that slings notes exotic to the chord. With its fluid melody, the verse weaves through a labyrinth, oozing mysticism and seduction, whilst Olivia coaxes us to overcome our myopia in seeking to fulfill our aspirations; she is the muse come to inspire us with her perspicacity, to actualize our dreams. Tom-toms scurry across the path before us—mischievous creatures scampering to conceal themselves in the fringes. The soul swoons and scales the auricular topography in a melodious migration of chromatic alchemy. Finally, we reach our destination to see if she makes good on her promises.

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