Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cars (1979) – Gary Numan

Viewed as a metaphor for increasing isolation in private spaces, “Cars” portends a loss of humanity. Rather than rely on austere computerized minimalism, Gary Numan instead utilizes rigid musicality to create a futuristic environment. Even before his mechanical singsong vocals activate, Numan successfully evokes robotism through a rigid MiniMoog riff that fidgets in tandem with the bassline. A cutting Polymoog serves as hovercraft escort to the gates of the city, where we soon become privy to an automaton extolling the virtues of life within his vehicle. Or is it the voice of a mad scientist who creates cyborgs, yearning for human interaction? Dual synthesizers coalesce and bifurcate, bathed in vintage analog warmth. Sustained notes, ever-so-slightly dissonant, leave the listener suspended in anticipation of their ascending and descending musical divergence.

A soundtrack for a reclusive future, “Cars” pervades your pearl white Audi RSQ, as I, Robot chases you through the streets of downtown metropolis.

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