Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sorry (1990) – Galaxie 500

“Sorry” is the reluctant sound of a joyless relationship deteriorating, epitomized by Dean Wareham strums his guitar in plaintive pensiveness, while the deliberate pace at which Damon ’s nasalized wails which wearily bemoan the routine bickering that finds him apologizing more often than not, even for matters over which he has no control. Krukowski’s drums trudge forward in drips and drags fosters an impatience that hastens the dégringolade. Naomi Yang’s bassline assumes the role of lyrical counterpoint as it climbs and cascades with the condolence of a sympathetic confidant, evincing her proclivity for the upper half of the bass neck. Although Wareham assumes that reconciliation is assured upon returning home, he knows that home is a placebo, not a panacea—just another place where they are lonely together; a place where the weather may suit them, but the climate is frigid: “Home is home / Where we love the weather.” Krukowski and producer/Shimmy-Disc proprietor Kramer furnish background vocals that melt in melancholic moans. A wah-filtered guitar offers to intercede, but to no avail. Wareham propounds unpalatable leading questions, the answers to which reverberate in grim futility: “Are you sorry that you love me? / Am I sorry I love you too? / Seems it doesn’t make a difference / That we’re sorry all the time.” At least they enjoyed the clement weather.

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