Sunday, May 21, 2006

Something Cool (1953) – June Christy (Billy Barnes)

June Christy has a few hours to kill during a flight layover in Chicago. At the airport lounge, a gentleman offers to buy her a drink. She accepts, and decides to let her hair down a little, lighting up a cigarette. Having loosened up, she proceeds to spill the details of her past glory in a stream of consciousness: her capacious mansion, her queue of suitors, her Parisian fling. Delivering her divagation on the rocks, equal parts smoky and sultry with a shot of soul, Christy rambles through her escapades as a former debutante (okay, so perhaps it’s the liquor embellishing the details), completely ignoring her drinking companion. By the time she snaps out of her reverie and realizes her faux pas, he is putting on his coat, paying the tab, and shaking her hand goodbye. Had he known she was so babblative and self-indulgent, he would have slipped away like the wisps of smoke wafting from the ashtray the moment she sat down next to him.

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