Monday, March 06, 2006

Too Much (1997) - Spice Girls

The musical virtues of the Spice Girls extolled . . . how often does one come across such an aberration? Ah, but here it is. Sporting a watery guitar that recalls Bread’s “If,” “Too Much” wanders the boulevard in search of amelioration, an antidote to the ennui. Satin sheets of warmly-compressed vocals billow in the evening calm, adorned with plucked acoustic guitar triplets. Illuminated by neon-lit theatres, the girls seek balance in their relationships, a medium between smothering and neglect. Luxuriant multi-tracked vocals navigate sirenic chord progressions. Robust sub-bass thumps in tandem with the kick drum in a convergence of urban ballad-meets-lite-FM-radio shuffle. Cascading string glissandos and pizzicatos lend a cinematic luster to the whole affair that ultimately finds no resolution due to a noncommittal apathy. Would a little more emotional investment be too much to ask, girls?

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