Sunday, March 12, 2006

Escape (1981) - Journey

Journey’s anthem for malcontent youth celebrates nonconformity, whisking the listener off for a joyride. Metallic guitars defiantly chug power chords as Steve Perry salutes headstrong teenage rebellion and obstinance. Having worn out his welcome and exhausted every dead end in his hometown, the burgeoning delinquent leaves to seek out his lot. Countenanced by a punchy instrumental break that closely resembles a section in Rush’s “Red Barchetta,” (coincidentally released on Moving Pictures six months before Escape), he stops at a local head shop before hitting the open road in his Pontiac GTO. The guitar shifts into overdrive as he daydreams about his future kicked wide-open in full throttle. Sure, he had doubts about such a getaway, but, removed from past adversity, he is discovering a new outlook. Neal Schon’s invigorating guitar solo soars in liberation, as new aspirations take flight to a triumphant declaration of freedom. Wherever he ends up, he’s already in a better place.

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