Thursday, June 29, 2006

Land’s End (1986) – Siouxsie & The Banshees

(Part Three of the Mine Ears Have Heard The Glory of the Banging of the Drum tetralogy)

“Land’s End” is all about Budgie dexterously spraying a ritualistic jungle-drum pattern of throbbing kick drum double-thumps, one-handed snare strokes, jittery hi-hat pedal stomps in accented sibilance, and open hat strikes on the “three-and,” while throwing floor-tom double-flams and a rack-tom hit on the “two-ee” off-beat in successive combination during the verse. Really, Siouxsie Sioux’s singing, and Steve Severin’s and John Valentine Curruthers’ playing, become secondary. Although Siouxsie seductively coaxes out a suicide pact, and Severin and Curruthers billow out an aqueous sea swell of bass and guitar, it’s impossible not to become mesmerized by the mind-boggling drum pattern that catapulted Budgie into the inner circle of drumming wizardry.

  • Listen to "Land's End" and purchase from iTunes Music Store.
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    jen said...

    Wow..I was just listening to this song and thought the exact same thing that you just wrote here. I felt so moved by Budgie's drumming that I had to see if anyone else felt the same way, and I found this!

    *high five*!

    Now, upon finding your blog I'll have to explore a bit.

    The Seventh Stranger said...

    Cool! Thanks for reading!